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It's Story Time Read Alouds

Green_Eggs_and_Ham_-_told_by_Frontier_Elementary Card IconGreen Eggs and Ham - told by Frontier Elementary


Dragons_Love_Tacos_-_read_by_Ms._Brusca Card IconDragons Love Tacos - read by Ms. Brusca


I_Am_Not_Going_to_Get_up_Today_-_Read_by_Mrs._Wilborn Card IconI Am Not Going to Get up Today - Read by Mrs. Wilborn


Only_One_You_-_Read_by_Mrs._Nickerson Card IconOnly One You - Read by Mrs. Nickerson


The_Great_Eggscape_-_read_by_Ms._Brusca Card IconThe Great Eggscape - read by Ms. Brusca


Positive_Ninja_-_read_by_Ms._Kelly Card IconPositive Ninja - read by Ms. Kelly


Where_the_Wild_Things_Are_-_read_by_Ms._Brusca Card IconWhere the Wild Things Are - read by Ms. Brusca


Andrew_Drew_and_Drew_-_read_by_Mrs._Cosmo Card IconAndrew Drew and Drew - read by Mrs. Cosmo


Tiki_Tiki_Tembo_-_Read_by_Mrs._Wilborn Card IconTiki Tiki Tembo - Read by Mrs. Wilborn